Tuesday, April 18th

Session 1 (10:30-12:10): Operating Systems

Session Chair: Sibin Mohan

  • TimerShield: Protecting High-Priority Tasks from Low-Priority Timer Interference
    Pratyush Patel, Manohar Vanga and Björn Brandenburg
    Outstanding Paper
  • Building Real-Time Embedded Applications on QduinoMC: A Web-connected 3D Printer Case Study
    Zhuoqun Cheng, Richard West and Ying Ye
    Outstanding Paper
  • Making Android Run on Time
    Yin Yan, Karthik Dantu, Steve Ko, Jan Vitek and Lukasz Ziarek
  • SysWCET: Whole-System Response-Time Analysis for Fixed-Priority Real-Time Systems
    Christian Dietrich, Peter Wägemann, Peter Ulbrich and Daniel Lohmann
    Outstanding Paper

Session 2 (1:30-3:10): Allocation, Scheduling, and Analysis

Session Chair: Gedare Bloom

  • QoS-aware Flash Memory Controller
    Bryan Kim and Sang Lyul Min
  • Scope-aware Useful Cache Block Analysis for Data Cache Related Preemption Delay
    Wei Zhang, Fan Gong, Lei Ju, Nan Guan and Zhiping Jia
  • Offline Equivalence: A Non-Preemptive Scheduling Technique for Resource-Constrained Embedded Real-Time Systems
    Mitra Nasri and Björn Brandenburg
    Outstanding Paper
  • Practical Task Allocation for Software Fault-Tolerance and Its Implementation in Embedded Automotive Systems
    Anand Bhat, Soheil Samii and Raj Rajkumar

Session 3 (3:40-5:20): Many-core

  • Partitioning and Analysis of the Network-on-Chip on a COTS Many-Core Platform
    Matthias Becker, Borislav Nikolic, Dakshina Dasari, Benny Akesson, Vincent Nelis, Moris Behnam and Thomas Nolte
  • Efficient Latency Guarantees for Mixed-criticality Networks-on-Chip
    Sebastian Tobuschat and Rolf Ernst

Work in Progress and Demo Sessions (as part of Session 3)

Session Chairs: Dorin Maxim and Cong Liu

  • Work-in-Progress: Reducing Cache Conflicts via Interrupts and BUNDLE Scheduling
    Corey Tessler, Gedare Bloom and Nathan Fisher
  • Work-in-Progress: Scheduling of Graph-based End-to-End Tasks for Distributed Multi-criticality Systems
    Juanjuan Wang and Hongan Wang
  • Work-in-Progress: FPGA implementation of Synchronous Serial Interface for Hardware in Loop Simulation
    Shriram Subramanian, Raghavendra Barkur, Joshua P and Shanthibhushan B
  • Work-in-Progress: Utilization Based Schedulability Analysis for Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
    Dali Ismail, Mahbubur Rahman, Venkata Modekurthy and Abusayeed Saifullah
  • Work-in-Progress: Protecting Real-Time GPU Applications on Integrated CPU-GPU SoC Platforms
    Waqar Ali and Heechul Yun
  • Work-in-Progress: Wireless Network Reconfiguration for Control Systems
    Wenchen Wang, Daniel Mosse, Daniel Cole and Jason Pickel
  • Work-in-Progress: Cross-layer Real-Time Scheduling for Wireless Control System
    Wenchen Wang, Daniel Mosse, Jason Pickel and Daniel Cole
  • Demo Abstract: Co-Simulation Framework for Autonomous Driving Systems with MATLAB/Simulink
    Shota Tokunaga and Takuya Azumi
  • Demo Abstract: Bounding Deadline Misses for Weakly-Hard Real-Time Systems Designed in CAPPELLA
    Rafik Henia, Laurent Rioux, Nicolas Sordon, Zain A. H. Hammadeh, Rolf Ernst and Sophie Quinton
  • Demo Abstract: A Cross-device Testing and Debugging System for Large-scale Real-Time Wireless Networks
    Tao Gong, Huayi Ji, Song Han, Tianyu Zhang, Chuancai Gu, X, Sharon Hu and Mark Nixon
  • Demo Abstract: Tooling Support for Benchmarking Timing Analysis
    Christian Eichler, Peter Wägemann, Tobias Distler and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat

Wednesday, April 19th

Session 4 (10:30-12:10): Probabilistic WCET

Session Chair: Rob Davis

  • EPC Enacted: Integration in an Industrial Toolbox and Use Against a Railway Application
    Enrico Mezzetti, Mikel Fernandez, Alen Bardizbanyan, Irune Agirre, Jaume Abella, Tullio Vardanega and Francisco Cazorla
  • Probabilistic Real-Time Guarantees: There is life beyond the i.i.d. assumption
    Bernardo Villalba Frias, Luigi Palopoli, Luca Abeni and Daniele Fontanelli
    Outstanding Paper
  • Valid Application of EVT in Timing Analysis by Randomising Execution Time Measurements
    George Lima and Iain Bate
  • Revising Measurement-Based Probabilistic Timing Analysis
    Luca Santinelli, Fabrice Guet and Jerome Morio

Session 5 (1:30-3:10): Cache and Memory Management

Session Chair: Bjorn A. Andersson

  • vCAT: Dynamic Cache Management using CAT Virtualization
    Meng Xu, Linh Thi Xuan Phan, Hyon-Young Choi and Insup Lee
  • Allowing Shared Libraries while Supporting Hardware Isolation in Multicore Real-Time Systems
    Namhoon Kim, Micaiah Chisholm, Nathan Otterness, Jim Anderson and F. Donelson Smith
  • Predictable cache coherence for multi-core real time systems
    Mohamed Hassan, Anirudh Kaushik and Hiren Patel
  • A Requests Bundling DRAM Controller for Mixed-Criticality Systems
    Danlu Guo and Rodolfo Pellizzoni

Session 6 (3:40-5:20): Wireless

Session Chair: Abusayeed Saifullah

  • Distributed Dynamic Packet Scheduling for Handling Disturbances in Real-Time Wireless Networks
    Tianyu Zhang, Tao Gong, Chuancai Gu, Huayi Ji, Song Han, Qingxu Deng and X, Sharon Hu
  • Synchronization Quality of IEEE 802.1AS in Large-Scale Industrial Automation Networks
    Marina Gutiérrez, Wilfried Steiner, Radu Dobrin and Sasikumar Punnekkat
  • Pulsar: A Wireless Propagation-Aware Clock Synchronization Platform
    Adwait Dongare, Anthony Rowe, Patrick Lazik and Niranjini Rajagopal

Thursday, April 20th

Session 7 (10:30-12:10): Applications and Tools

Session Chair: Shahriar Nirjon

  • Real-Time Fine Grained Occupancy Estimation using Depth Sensors on ARM Embedded Platforms
    Sirajum Munir, Ripudaman Singh Arora, Craig Hesling, Juncheng Li, Jonathan Francis, Charles Shelton, Christopher Martin, Anthony Rowe and Mario Berges
  • A Case Study on Achieving Fair Data Age Distribution in Vehicular Communications
    Xinhai Zhang, Xinwu Song, Lei Feng, Lei Chen and Martin Törngren
  • Benchmark Generation for Timing Analysis
    Peter Wägemann, Tobias Distler, Christian Eichler and Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat
  • Periodic Task Mining in Embedded System Traces
    Oleg Iegorov, Reinier Torres and Sebastian Fischmeister

Session 8 (1:30-3:10): Parallelism

Session Chair: Heechul Yun

  • Parcus: Energy-aware and Robust Parallelization of AUTOSAR Legacy Applications
    Sebastian Kehr, Eduardo Quinones, Dominik Langen, Bert Boeddeker and Guenter Schaefer
  • An Evaluation of the NVIDIA TX1 for Supporting Real-time Computer-Vision Workloads
    Nathan Otterness, Ming Yang, Sarah Rust, Eunbyung Park, Jim Anderson, F. Donelson Smith, Alex Berg and Shige Wang
  • Timing-Anomaly Free Dynamic Scheduling of Task-Based Parallel Applications
    Petros Voudouris, Per Stenstrom and Risat Mahmud Pathan
  • A Reliable and Predictable Scratchpad-Centric OS for Multi-Core Embedded Systems
    Rohan Tabish, Renato Mancuso, Saud Wasly, Sujit S Phatak, Rodolfo Pellizzoni and Marco Caccamo